Pascal Bonjour



The purpose of this website is to aid in giving you some background to my work history, experience, as well as sample projects.

Marketing / Project Manager

Clear communicator and team player, focusing on the details just as much as the big picture.

  • City: Seattle, WA

Expeienced in marketing, project management and communications. No matter the scope, I see projects and tasks through to completion. No one knows everything, but we all have the ability to learn and use the resources at our disposal.


Seasoned experience in various disiplines.

years of Team Leadership experience

years of Business Management experience

years of Customer Service/Account Mngmt. experience

years of Project Management experience


Knowledge overview of varying programs/technology.

Adobe InDesign 90%
Adobe Illustrator 75%
Adobe Photoshop 80%
Adobe Premiere 90%
HTML 65%
Office 365 95%


Pascal Bonjour

Over 15 years of hands-on management, marketing and sales experience with continuous promotion and advancement to positions of increased responsibility. Successful record of combining teamwork and leadership to design and execute solutions that; create customer value, deliver operational efficiencies, improve communications and increase stakeholder value.

Professional Experience

Partner & Product Management

2022 - Current

Zones, LLC  - Auburn, WA

  • Maximizing value and leveraging partner resources to best position brand for the organization.
  • Significant brand sales revenue and gross margin growth within the first quarter of start.
  • Providing comprehensive training to sales teams on partner products, services, programs, and resources, while actively driving new and existing opportunities to fruition.
  • Ongoing marketing activities for continuous brand exposure and growth within the organization.
  • Design | Marketing | Project Management

    2013 - 2022

    Self - Seattle, WA

  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud, including Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and more.
  • Created custom websites with eye catching design and relevant content, with knowledge of varying technologies, including custom marketing campaigns; both on-line and print.
  • Management | Sales

    2021 - 2022

    Waterways Cruises & Events - Seattle, WA

  • Managed launch and sales of all public cruises, resulting in half of all revenue, through online bookings.
  • Managed scheduling, sales, and support of all public cruises, including specialty events, utilizing the latest event-booking SAS available.
  • Migrated public ticket sales to new booking management system leading to increased efficiencies and cost savings company wide.
  • Professional Experience


    2014 - 2021

    The Lookout - Seattle, WA

  • Increased annual profitability since joining the team, with customer focused sales.
  • Lead manager with emphasis on operational efficiencies and team leadership.
  • Responsible for local marketing efforts through on-line, social media and print.
  • Marketing Director/Creative Lead

    2009 - 2013

    MindActiva, LLC - Seattle, WA

    • Recruited and managed development team for international product launch in foreign markets.
    • Completed product development and manufacturing of two complex interactive products within budget and schedule.
    • Setup IT systems that enabled international collaboration and sharing of complex media assets.
    • Developed public relations and promotional campaigns that resulted in eight prestigious product awards within six months of product launch.
    • Hands on approach with all media content for print, video, and web using Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Business Manager

    2007 - 2009

    The Stratford Company - Seattle, WA

    • Setup, coordinated and managed weekly executive team meetings with all departments.
    • Collaborated directly with the CEO on all marketing, promotion and investment forum presentations.
    • Improved cash flow by streamlining the income acquisition process for IRA rollover investments and maintaining CRM system for fund investments.
    • Reduced outsourced IT costs by 80%. Migrated the company’s server and terminal-server services to cloud-based services.


    Western Washington University

    Business Administration

    Mercer Island High School

    American International School of Johannesburg


    Includes design, print, web and video projects I have lead and/or worked on.

    • All
    • Design
    • Photography/Film
    • Print


    Roles I have had on past projects.

    International Collaboration

    Working efficiently accross varying global time zones.

    Business Management

    Maximizing operational efficiencies with organizations.

    Marketing and Sales

    International marketing and sales, increasing stakeholder value.


    Implementation of company wide systems, including IT, improving efficiency.

    Creative Lead

    Original conception through through production.

    Project Management

    Whether a single freelancer or a team of designers, keeping projects on schedule and within budget.


    My thanks to all the people I have worked with over the years. I am grateful for the many lasting friendships that have evolved.

    I had the pleasure of working with Pascal for several years. We collaborated efforts on different kinds of media; film, print, software and web. During these years, I encountered a highly proficient person, who aims for excellency as an individual, as part of a group, and for the project he is involved with. Having worked with him on complex projects, that included a lot of input between different collaborative groups, Pascal was always our beacon. He helped us focus and emphasise priorities to maximize creative freedom, while staying within goals/budget. Pascal posses great time-management and multitasking skills, always leading ahead complicated tasks with great efficiency. Last but not least he has the gift of being a "solution solver", always thinking outside the box to find the simplest and most elegant solutions for dificult problems. - Paula Ben-Ari, Founder - Lead Art Director, Create Hive

    Paula Ben-Ari

    Founder & Art Director

    MindActiva has been extremely fortunate to have had Pascal Bonjour as a member of our team for the past 3 years. His work with us extended into so many areas that it is difficult for me to find any aspect of our business that has not benefited from Pascal’s contributions. Pascal has the unique ability to find ways to bring order and organization to complex projects. I saw this first-hand when we formed a team of creative and academic freelancers from around the world to develop a new product. This is the kind of team that could accurately be associated with the analogy of herding cats. Pascal quickly setup up the systems and procedures for everyone to communicate with each other through different time-zones, share in the development work, and contribute their individual fields of expertise with each other. Of more importance was the way Pascal earned everyone’s respect through his own significant innovative and creative contributions to the project. Everyone who has worked with Pascal will recognize his ability to lead by example. The standards he has set himself serve to motivate the people he works with – both inside and outside the company. I have been the regular recipient of positive feedback about Pascal from co-workers, freelancers and suppliers. I know that Pascal will be a significant asset to any company he works with. - Tony Williams, MindActiva Founder

    Tony Williams


    Testimonial coming soon.

    Marika Rausa

    Executive Director


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